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The Venue

Find inspiration at BUSCOT PARK, home of Lord Faringdon, which was built during the 1780s. This imposing country house is proudly set in over 100 acres of beautiful parkland, fabulous pleasure grounds comprising lakes, woodlands, and abundant formal gardens.

In every direction there are captivating vistas, secret gardens, interesting sculpture. Here is one of Britain's finest water gardens, leading from the main house via a series of small canals and waterfalls to the distant lake; a set of Chinese warriors; a mesmerising "faux-waterfall" and a profusion of seasonal colour in the tranquil walled garden.

The house itself is not without intrigue, having provided the backdrop for the celebrated (and unsolved) Victorian murder mystery involving the then incumbent, Mrs Charles Bravo.

We shall be using the theatre, purpose-built in the 1930s. This is a fascinating feature in its own right with its period frescoes and plush, intimate ambience. In the past it has been host to numerous private entertainments with some illustrious participants. One such, Iris Murdoch, then a 20 year-old Oxford student wrote:

"The theatre was wonderful beyond words - a super cinema come adrift - but no super-cinema, however super, ever had such soft armchairs for seats, such magnificent velvet curtains, such inches-deep Turkish carpets. And the stage! It had every conceivable gadget for lighting & scenery. Glorious curtains at the back, reversible (mark that) black on one side and grey on the other, & of the softest velvet…Ye Gods and little fishes! …This place was paradise, & we crept around it with bated breath & exclamations of glee…. "

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